Terms and Conditions

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Affiliate Agreement

WL Services NV established in Curaçao runs an online business through the web site ww.betspinwin.com, hereafter called “WL”. The Affiliate agree to promote the site www.betspinwin.com  for the return of a revenue share from customers it channels to www.betspinwin.com, hereinafter called “The Affiliate”;


1 Background:

Both parties agree that the The Affiliate has to provide support, at its own expense and risk, for the active promotion of products and / or services which WL offer.

An affiliate software will be used to track the customers that The Affiliate channels to WL.

Parties wish to regulate the legal relationship between according to the following terms and conditions;


2  Terms and Conditions:


The internet site www.betspinwin.com

Anyone who has been accepted by WL to provide access to visitors of his / her site through a link, bonus code or any other electronic link supported by the affiliate tracking system.

The offer to end customers on the site (Sportsbook, Casino, Poker).


A link from an affiliate software offered by WL that redirects a visitors to the site.

User / player:

Each user that has been channelled by The Affiliate to the site assuming that this User / player has been tagged to The Affiliate either through offline codes, tracking codes or through the affiliate software or as agreed by both parties.

The range of services on the site, including text, images, etc.

Duration and exclusivity
The Affiliate will receive a revenue share from when the user / player registered on the site, for a lifetime.


The Affiliate is entitled to the use of the name of www.betspinwin.com, the logo as it appears on the site, and other material provided by WL to The Affiliate such as internet banners etc.

The Affiliate must respect the copyright, trademark and other rights of any third parties.

The Affiliate will only use the content for the affiliate program and will not make any changes in it.

The Affiliate may not use the material and content that belongs to WL for actions and / or conduct that violate applicable law. These include, but are not limited to the following,

- Spamming: sending unsolicited bulk e-mail with the same content.

- Sending large numbers of unsolicited posts messages with the same content on newsgroups and forums.

- Misleading communication

- Sending of messages of violent nature, discriminative content, which promote or praise illegal activities, or damage the good name and reputation of WL

The Affiliate will always act in accordance with all guidelines and instructions concerning the installation and use of the link and in respect of the content.

The The Affiliate is responsible for the implementation of the link in their chosen campaign. When the The Affiliate misses revenue due to the misuse of the link or bonus code WL cannot be held responsible.

If WL is affected by the installation and use of the link by the The Affiliate, WL is entitled to block the link.


3 Commercials

The Affiliate will be paid a commission based on the net monthly revenue. The payout will be executed within 2 weeks after the end of each month end.

If the generated net income in a month will be less than € 50 then the payout will be postponed to the next month. This will be passed on just as long to place the income generated € 50.

In the case that the net revenue is negative then the loss will be rolled over until a profit is made.

Revenue share to be paid on net revenue
0 to 2500 euros 25%
2500 to 5000 euros 30%
5000 to 10000 euros 35%
10000 to 50,000 euros 40%
50,000+ euros 45%

Ex. If the net revenue is 5000 EUR then The Affiliate will be paid 1500 EUR

Net income is calculated as follows: Gross income – Operational Fees (including fees to software suppliers and PSP charges) – Bonus (including Customer Rewards) – Chargebacks = Net Income.


4 Termination

WL has the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect if

- The Affiliate does not follow the terms and conditions in this contract

- The Affiliate does not follow directives from WL, such as instructions to remove misleading or incorrect information from the site, and any other instructions WL issues.

- If this agreement is deemed to be in breach of local laws where the site is being promoted by The Affiliate



The Affiliate does not have any rights to make promises, enter into contracts, obligations on behalf of WL.

The Affiliate is not entitled to transfer his / her affiliate agreement (or part of this agreement) to a third party.

WL is entitled at any time to modify the terms and conditions of this Agreement without the prior permission of WL. However WL will always give an advance notice to The Affiliate about any changes, the nature of the changes and the reason for the changes. The old agreement between The Affiliate and WL will automatically be renewed and replaced by the amended agreement and general conditions.

All information / data that is exchanged between WL and The Affiliate are confidential.


Force Majeure

No party shall be liable for extraordinary circumstances which prevent the performance of this agreement, and are not the responsibility of one of these parties. Below (if and where these circumstances render, make performance impossible or unreasonably difficult) will include: strikes in companies other than parties, wildcat strikes or political strikes, and other for the achievement of agreed performance required goods or services not unforeseeable delays at suppliers or other third parties that one party is dependent on.


Applicable law

The laws of Curacao.